I’m not sure if you know this, but it is something new I learnt recently. The word “platform” stems from two words: “plate” and “form”. A plate is an item on which you serve food to others. At its very core, a platform is built to serve something to others that nourishes them, feeds them, and fills them.

If you want influence or to be heard - a word of wisdom - don’t begin by pursuing any kind of stage or position. Those kinds of platforms are not the goal. They are weighty responsibilities. I have grown up in church and have seen far too many people crave these things and have been disappointed in the process.

Because here’s the thing... authority doesn’t suddenly turn up in your life when you’re handed a mic or a role. It is built over many years. It’s built in the unseen things. The serving when no-one sees. Keeping going when things get tough. Loving even when people talk bad about you. Praying because you believe in the power of prayer. Reading the Word like it’s your lifeline. Treating people kindly and with respect. Not critiquing your leader and their message, but honouring and serving faithfully. Living with conviction, and that conviction shaping your character. Consistency. Oh if we would realise how important consistency is! Long obedience in the same direction yields great fruit in our lives.

And the thing is, in the craving of anything else you can miss the very influence God has given you. God has already given you platforms. Your family. Your home. Your workplace. Your eGroup. Your marriage. Your neighbourhood.

Your platform is where you have influence. It is where you love. It is not something you are keeping busy with until your “more important” platform comes along. It is your platform.

Be faithful with the platform you are standing on today. Serve, feed and nourish others as you go. Wherever you go. That’s what we should crave! That’s the goal.

Into all the world. Every sphere. Every arena.

SWARM Strategy