I left changed

(Pastor, Equippers London)

Well what a conference! What a week. What a God! I have attended many conferences in many parts of the world in recent years. And I have also attended Shout Conference in Auckland pretty much every year (bar one or two!) I even ran a Shout conference in London for a number of years. 

But this year was something special! 

I don’t mean special as in the stage set was better than ever, or the venue was somehow improved on previous years. Or that the praise and worship team had put a tonne of extra work in and somehow it all went to another level. (Though all of these things were amazing!) 

Special in the sense that I left changed. Impacted by God. Touched by fresh revelation. AND encouraged by my global Equippers family. 

If we will TOUCH GOD, then HE will touch a generation that doesn’t know how to touch Him. 

This is the message I left Shout with. That perhaps what we do in London in Church on a Sunday as people touch God, will have a profound impact on how God touches people on Monday morning. 

Over the past two weeks I have had the privilege of watching our kids team and youth team run two amazing events. INVINCIBLES CAMP and BRAVEAGE CAMP. 

80% of the kids at Invincibles Camp were not from church families and many of the youth at Brave Age are either brand new in their faith or still on the journey. God has showed up big time at both! 

I’m convinced that as the church gathered on Sunday hungry and passionate to touch God, He has been touching our kids and youth. 

I’m challenging myself to go to a new level of hunger for God. Because I deeply want to see a generation be touched by the One that can bring healing to their hearts. 

So thanks to all who helped create such a special environment at Shout. It’s helping to shape the church here in the UK. 

Hannah Marchant