The nation I am called to

Laura Cuers
(Manila, Philippines)

My journey started with Jesus 6 years ago. It was a radical transformation from addiction, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. I experienced God's love,  peace, joy and hope. It was as if a light had come on in my life and I was seeing the world for the first time.

From that moment forward I found a passion to share Jesus with people and invite them to start a new life with Him. From there I found myself enrolling at Equippers College with a thirst to know Him more and discover His plan for my life. From there I went on a missions trip to the Philippines. It was there that God spoke to me and told me that was the nation I was called to.

When I got back to NZ God prepared me for 3 years as a primary school teacher. Then at Shout 2017 God spoke to me and told me it was time to move to the Philippines. In the months following I quit my job, sold my car and packed up with a one way ticket to the Philippines.

I am now serving in Equippers Manila. I am leading kids ministry here, leading an egroup for young adult women and going out into communities to share the word of God.

I believe as believers, we are all called to be a witness of the goodness and power of God. God is not looking for perfect witnesses, but just people who are sold out for Him, people who are committed to extending the kingdom of God. Wherever we are. In whatever part of the world we find ourselves in. There are people everywhere, all around, who are searching for meaning, purpose and searching for fulfillment. I know that the only thing that can fill that void, that thirst from within, is Jesus. God is looking for people who are sold out and will do whatever it costs, whatever it takes to extend his kingdom. There is no greater privilege than being used by God to bring people into relationship with Him. 


Jessica Parkes